10 Random Questions With Verity White

1 What would you dress up as if Halloween was tomorrow and why?


Erm I guess a unicorn, I just got a new unicorn onesie for my birthday so that's easy


2 Favourite type of Cheese?


Oh man that is SO HARD!! Probably dolcelatte.


3 Only one Band exists on this planet for you to listen to who would you choose and why?


Nine Inch Nails - they’re my fav anyway but there is so much variety in their albums!


4 Random thought that first comes into your head is ?


I’m still thinking about cheese...


5 Swap your life with one person permanently Who would you choose?


My cat Maoam, she a person too!

6 What do you consider dangerous or terrifying that you would never do?


Can I say anal? Erm if not ... skydiving.


7 Would you stop singing for 1 million pounds and if so what would do with the money?


Nope, no can do!


8 Best and worst things about lockdown and name 1 thing you have learnt?

Best thing - having time at home with Al and the cats rather than running around the country every week! Worst thing - not running around the country every week I do love it! One thing I’ve learnt is to give myself more space and time for me though. That’s important. So many LESS running around all over the country from now on.


9 Name one time from your childhood that you wish you could live again and one you could takeaway?


Meeting my little brothers for the first time when he was born. I’m a very protective older sister and was since day one! And take away, hmm, I won’t go into the childhood traumas but there’s plenty is happily never remember.


10 What would the movie be called about your life and who would be in the movie including who would play you?


Ooh good one! It would be called The Absolute Verity (coz Verity means truth you see - clever that! ;) ) and I’d have to be played by my bestie Dee coz she’s an amazing actress!