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  A Lockdown Babies Request  


I am a lockdown baby

There’s lots of us out there 

So why is it that no one

Seems to take the time to care


I've never been on a bus

A train or in a car

My mommy says were safe inside 

We can't go out to far 


She says the rainbow in our window

Is a sign of hope to come 

But I see tears roll down her cheek sometimes

When she’s changing my bum


She’s worried for my future

For what will happen day by day

She wonders when ill ever get

To go outside and play


I've never been to the park

Swimming or the zoo

There's lots of lovely things out there

That I would like to do


On Thursday nights at 8 O'Clock

We sing and clap and cheer

For all the unsung heroes

Who save us in times of fear


I've never met my nannies,grandads, aunts and uncles too 

I've only seen them on mommys phone but for now that has to do.

 I want to meet my family

 To feel their warm embrace

 To reach up and touch that loving smile upon my nannies face.


So please stop and listen!! 

Stay home

Stay safe

Take care

So we can build a brighter future for all of us to share.


Thank you

Beau (5 months) 


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