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My interest in music picked up at a young age but I started taking music seriously late 2018. Music has always been that blanket that makes me feel secure even in the darkest of times. When I write my music, I take emotions and experiences and make them as raw as possible.



I believe that it is important to embrace the “bad” things that have happened to us because at the end of the day they make us who we are and will help us grow as a person. I don’t stick to one genre, I don’t think anyone should.



Lyrically, I write about very dark things that some people are afraid to talk about or just don’t know how to, but you’ll also find me singing about how amazing my baby sister is.


My music style is very broad. I currently have an album and single out right now. I am working on two E.P.’s: To London, which is a dedication to my baby sister, coming out September; and Princess Universe, which is about a goddess-like figure and outer body experiences, coming out October.