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Aorta Project comes to EMM. Make sure you check him out.

If matter is neither created nor destroyed, aortaproject turns it from one form to another. A catalyst for catharsis, aortaproject transforms our darkest moments into transcendent epiphanies of self expression and reflection. 


Rooted in the murky tumult that is Texas, aortaproject is the result of a ten year musical cultivation and inspiration journey by project leader, producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Steven Sheffield. A founding member of Recovery Room and collaborator for WE HAVE A GHOST, S.S. has always favored spirit over composition and collaboration over recognition. Always working to create something more than the sum of its parts, with his latest release he joins like-minded vocalist Allanah Jackson, the ever-elusive, ever-evocative, shapeshifting songstress otherwise known as Imitara. 


Dwelling in a volatile vulnerability that cuts with Reznor-like authority and lacing reality with subtle intricacies in the vein of Jon Hopkins, aortaproject assembles compositions with free flowing movements of intoxicating emotion. Deep bass, fragile melodies, and powerful climaxes intertwine and perforate to sculpt a life-like landscape of cinematic narratives. It is dark, alternative electronica at its best.