Kevin George - My Darlings A Demon


An album of hits that had one purpose and that was to relax but entertain.A set song with clear cut meanings and stories that fit so well together . Also to make it even better each song as a hook in there so you will remember the words for years to come.Entertained me from beginning to end and even then I wanted more songs.A modern day masterpiece that deserves to be listened to.

Esther Rose

You Made It This Far


A pure ,no bells and whistles album that seems like Esther as come in a time machine from the classic era of country music to bring us this album.All the familiar sounds and vocal tones that scream the classic sound of the genre mixed with a little of Esther’s own way of showing you she knows what she is doing when making an album full of hits.

I cannot wait for another year or two down the line when Esther knows everything about her style and the next album will blow everyone's mind.

This was a great listen and if you love the genre but want a new artist to follow then look no further




This has emotion and theatrics mixed with a soundtrack to you day.

A good outing with a collection of solid tracks that all reach the same level and together make something unique.For anyone interested in this genre and style of music and any fan of this act then it's worth a listen.