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Grant Basma Horsnell

Born and raised in New Zealand, I spent 30 years in Australia, and now live in Norway where I have been producing a range of electronic, iPad based music since 2015. Hence I refer to my music as Australo-Kiwigian ElectoPhobia :)


My first major project was the blog www.trackaday.net where I undertook to release a track a day for one year.


Whether I’m making soundscapes or dark ambient sorts of tracks, or beat and groove based tracks, or spoken word pieces; I am always trying to create landscapes of sound.


I release on Bandcamp using my own personal label Totally Fictional 



under three aliases:

Died Lonely - for the more Soundscape, Ambient style tracks



Francis Felonious - for Beatscapes. These tend to be minimal abstract drum based works



and Grant Basma Horsnell (my own name) - for my Spoken Word lyric pieces, as well as Groovescapes ie synth, beat based instrumentals.



As for my background; I began as a Post Punk guitarist in 1982, though the bass quickly became my preferred instrument. My 1983-84 band YFC (with two bassists and a drummer) can be heard here https://yfcmusic.bandcamp.com/ in a compilation that was released in 2005 on Failsafe Records. We are currently working on a new release even though we now live in 4 different countries.

I played in several bands in Sydney through the 1990’s and 2000’s adding keyboards, percussion, and mandolin; and playing a variety of genres though always through a Post Punk lens.


PS at the end of each month I also release a faux radio show featuring a selection of that months tracks