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James TW

  • Q: Who is James TW? 

  • A: I am a musician & storyteller. 

  • Q: Being a young player in the music industry, what qualities make you stand out from the rest?

  • A: I think it is the perspective in my writing. There are only so many concepts for a song but there is pretty much an unlimited amount of ways to address & write them. I think when you can find a unique standpoint and apply your voice and musical taste on top then it becomes original. 

  • Q: What kind of things are you aiming to achieve during your career? 

  • A: I’d love to have Arena tours sold out, billions of streams/downloads & a whole lot of fun. 

  • Q: How and when did you decide a career in music was for you? 

  • A: When I was around 15 I was posting covers on YouTube & writing songs trying to get discovered. I think around that time was when I realised this is what I wanted to do forever. 

  • Q: When did you get your first break into the industry and how? 

  • A: I was discovered on YouTube by a music manager from San Diego. He reached out and my Dad and I decided to start working with him.

  • Q: How big of a role has social media and the internet played in building your career? 

  • A: It has helped me build a much more personal relationship with fans and has allowed them to get to know me as a person which I think is important. 

  • Q: What do you believe the Internet does for the music industry? Where would you be if the internet didn't exist? 

  • A: I think every gig would be promoted by word of mouth and posters. I believe the internet allows artist to reach millions of people that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

  • Q: Who are your musical inspirations and why? 

  • A: Songwriters & Musicians like James Taylor& Elton John, Stevie Wonder & Tommy Emmanuel. 

  • Q: Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know? 

  • A: I share pretty much everything with my fans so I don’t think there’s much else I can share! 

  • Q: Can you tell me one story from writing a song or backstage at a gig? 

  • A: When I wrote Soldier which is a track on the debut album I was just about to head on stage and started playing some random chords to distract me from my nerves. I ended up finding the melodies for a couple different parts of the song & finished writing it shortly after tour had ended. 

  • Q: What things do you like to do when you’re not doing music? 

  • A: I play basketball, try and get faster at solving the rubix cube and go and get a roast dinner at the local pub. 

  • Q: What things make you happy and what things annoy you? 

  • A: Achieving goals is a great feeling whether it’s personal or musical and I hate negative people who set out to bring people down. 

  • Q: Do you get nervous when performing? What do you before a gig to keep calm? 

  • A: I definitely get nervous but I think it’s a healthy thing & usually before a show I remind myself of the loved ones in my life and tell myself that I’m doing it for them and that helps me. 

  • Q: Can you tell me as much as you can about any new releases, gigs, or anything else coming soon from you?

  • A: My Debut Album Chapters just came out! It has 12 stories on it and everyone should go and check that out. Some of the songs are about my life and some about other people’s or favourite tv shows of mine. It’s the best body of work I could have released and I’m incredibly proud of it. I’ll be touring in America and Europe for the rest of the year on support and headline tours so stay tuned for dates on my website. 

  • Q: You have been in our ‘Always Changing Chart’ and have been the first artist to be at the number one spot for more than a week. What would you like to say to fans and readers about this? What does it mean to you for your music to get recognised like this?

  • A: It’s amazing to hear those stats and I’m so glad that the music is resonating & being recognised. Thank you!

  • Q: What was the first record or song you purchased and why? 

  • A: The first album I bought was a Stereophonics album called language, sex, violence? Other. I loved the band as a kid and they inspired me to start bands of my own.

  • Q: If you could have written an existing song, which song would it be and why? 

  • A: Lean on me by Bill Withers will always be one of my favourite songs and in my opinion one of the best songs of all time. It’s definitely one I wish I wrote.

  • Q: What has the rest of year got in store for you? 

  • A: It has got plenty of touring for sure. I would like to play this album in as many places across the world as possible. I plan to continue growing as a songwriter, to learn to dunk a basketball and solve a rubix cube in less than 30 seconds!