K.T.G Interview

When did you decide that a career in music was for you?

I was never good at sports and my family were extremely musical so music was always in my life. I am a newly qualified music teacher now but for me, the performance was really what drew me to the musician life. I started to take my singing and songwriting a lot more seriously when I was in first year in college and I never really looked back or wanted to do anything else.


Who are your musical inspirations and why?

My inspirations in music are Taylor Swift, because of the way she stands up for herself and the rights of musicians, which is so prevalent now! I also really respect Emili Sande because she is a fully qualified and full time doctor as well as a singer and I really look to her for inspiration on how to balance the two lives.


Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

Well I am an open book on all my social medias so I don't know if people know these facts or not but

*I am a fully qualified music secondary school teacher and I also run my own music school where I teach students a range of instruments, music theory and speech and drama.

*I have an intense fear of birds but yet have a fascination with magpies and that is the inspiration to my debut album "Searching for Magpies"

* I have been told I have a curse and if I write a song about a couple they always break up after a month so I don't dedicate any love songs to any couples anymore in fear that the curse will never be broken!


What song of yours best describes you and why?

I think each song has a bit of me in them, whether it be mainly based on someone else's story or solely mine but I think that 'December', a song on my upcoming album, describes my anxieties and worries very well as I can be described as a human worry wort - I realise that the music industry is not the place for the sensitive but I work on it. I also feel that 'Never Go Home' , the next single that is coming out in August, describes the happy side of me, and describes how much fun my friends and I have together.


What has been the best gig you have done to date and why?

Oh that is a difficult one! Any festival I have played at is always in the highlights! The Longford Summer Festival, where I opened for The High King and performed in front of 3000 people was amazing! I also had the privilege of playing a set with Other Voices and that was amazing and a long time goal of mine. I also got to sing for the President of Ireland and that is definitely a highlight because even though Michael D is the president he still stopped the whole show and listened to me sing and talked to me after ... in Irish !


If you could perform a gig at any venue where would it be and why?

I would gig to play in the usual big venues of course, sell out in Croke Park, the o2 etc but I really would love to play a session in the BBC Live Lounge! I love all the covers and originals that come out of those sessions and would love to be part of that!


What has been your best achievement to date and what would like to achieve in the future?

A huge achievement of mine that I am proud of is winning The Tipperary Song of Peace Award. I won Best Irish Song of Peace with my song Borders, based on the issues of border control and the harsh realities that asylum seekers face every day!


What do you like best about being a musician and why?

The best thing is singing your original songs and having other people sing along too! Also when the audience shares their stories with me that were also linked with my songs and we bond over our situations! I also love just being up on stage and jumping around stage like a mad one!


If you were not in the job you are now what would you be doing?

I genuinely have no idea! I always knew from a young age that I wanted to be a musician and a teacher! I think I would be a solicitor or lawyer of some form either! Who know's I might take up law yet!


What has been the best gig you have been too as a fan and can you tell us about it?

Best gig I have ever been to was Bruno Mars in Marley Park! The atmosphere was unlike anything I had ever been to before and I never had a night since that saw as much dancing - and I NEVER dance!


What would your ideal festival line up be and why?

Bruno Mars

Lewis Capaldi

Nicki Minaj

Cardi B

George Ezra

One Republic

That line up would cause me to rob a bank to get to see them and that is a fact!


What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Write everyday.

Read before you sign

Be yourself and allow yourself to change


What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

I have learnt the hard way to stay away from anything that annoys me so I tend to stay away from negativity and certain foods haha!

What makes me happy? My dog, my family, driving with the music on full blast and coffee... lots of coffee.


What things do you like to do when you are away from music?

I love to run with my dog and drive listening to music! I love spending time with my friends and just shutting off from the music!


Do you think social media and the internet are a good thing in the music industry?

Yes I think they are. I can only speak through experience and thanks to social media I have been able to connect with people all over the world, perform at crazy gigs all over the world and also meet new musicians that are having the same or different experiences as me and we all learn from each other.


How important do you think you look and image is when it comes to being in the music industry?

It's becoming more and more important. I am still trying to find my ideal image for my music but I think that all comes when you get more comfortable in yourself.


Can you tell us about any tattoos have and the significance of them to you?

I have no tattoos yet but I plan to get a libra sign on my wrist as that is my star sign and my logo and I really love the idea of it being hidden by my watch too!


If you run the country for a day what would you change about it and why?

Imbalance of power. A huge sense of optimism there but I would love to try!


What would your ideal day consist of?

A morning coffee

Spending the morning doing whatever work I had to do.

Spending the evening with friends and perhaps a road trip!


Can you tell us about any new releases gigs or anything else coming up in the future?

So my new song Strawberries came out today (26th of July), my first single of the summer "Don't Tell My Mother" came out last month and my third single of the summer 'Never Go Home' is out the 23rd of August and a music video is being released with that too! And then in September my debut album Searching for Magpies is out on the 26th of September. It is a concept album based around the old wives tale about magpies and every song is linked to one line in the rhyme. (One for sorrow, two for joy etc.)


If you could say one thing to your fans what would it be and why?

Thank you for listening to me in the first place - the music industry is bursting with talent so I am delighted that anyone even has time for me!


How would you answer the question.... Who is KTG and what are the differences between you as an artist and you away from music ?

I would like to think that I am style of my own because I refuse to set into a genre box and you'll see that the more music I release! Maybe its my music teacher in me but I try to draw inspiration from all genres and every piece of music I listen to.


What was the first record or song you purchased and why?

The first one I remember was the Avril Lavinge album! I was obsessed! I think the second one was a Dolly Parton album though so again I like all sorts of music!


What would say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and getting into the music industry?

Thick skin and don't sign anything until you know every detail of what you are signing yourself - not someone telling you what you know. Also enjoy it! You get so many opportunities through music - enjoy the ride!


If you could collaborate with any other band/singer or musician who would you choose and why?

Lewis Capaldi or One Republic! I love their vibe and the care they give to the lyrics in their songs and that is really important to me! I also think Lewis would be the best laugh ever!


If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?

Oh god there are so many! I wish I wrote What A Wonderful World because it is so simple but so beautiful in all senses - the lyrics and the melody!


If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?

Lots of stories about my family! We are really close and they are the funniest people you'd ever meet so I think that would be lovely to have it down in a book!


What has the rest of the year go in store for you?

So my new song Strawberries came out today (26th of July) and my third single of the summer 'Never Go Home' is out the 23rd of August and a music video is being released with that too! And then in September my debut album Searching for Magpies is out on the 26th of September. I'm also heading back into the studio for the next project - more information on that to come on all my socials really soon! But I also am starting my real life teaching job and I have plans to expand my music school so I am really excited to see what the year brings!