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It's been an interesting journey for the artist known as LYGHT or Terence Akins. He began seriously persuing music in 2018 and took a long haitus to refocus and refine his sound, going for more dance heavy bass driven beats. 


In 2020 He released his long awaited self titled album LYGHT to the masses after releasing his first single, the aptly titled '.... Groove!!' and it's accompanying music video. The music video and single were incredibly successful and the follow up video 'Heavy' is sure to follow suit. 

LYGHT has relocated to the heart of EDM music, Las Vegas and has released a extended version of his self titled album LYGHT, called LYGHT RELOADED, and is   is currently working on a follow up project entitled 'Phoenix' to be released summer of 2022, in addition to working on projects with a few artists, an animated short film, and a B sides project, which will be released in late fall.


A new relaunched YouTube Channel will be released at the end of next week


Check out the latest single, Ferris Wheel, parts 1 &2 now streaming On Spotify and all streaming platforms now, as well as the track 'Call My Name' on LYGHT RELOADED