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When did you decide that a career in music was for you?


Mark C. Daniel: 

    I’m not sure of the age but I was very young. If I had to guess, 12 years old feels right. 


Who are your musical inspirations and why?


Mark C. Daniel:

A great song performed with heart is a huge inspiration. Years ago my inspirations were more genre specific but I haven’t thought like this in a few years. It’s incredibly fascinating to hear great songs in all genre. 


Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?


Mark C. Daniel: 

  1. Long distance runner and triathlete

  2. Amateur Chef 

  3. Loves animals and the elderly 


What song of yours best describes you and why?


Mark C. Daniel :

  Good chance to plug my new single… check out “Lucky One.” At this moment for these purposes, “Lucky One” suits perfectly. In reality, outside the single release, I don’t believe one song can properly describe any human for more than a very temporary time. 


What has been the best gig you have done to date and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

    Difficult to answer! I have had so many incredible gigs up to this point in my life that I’m deeply thankful for.. but if I had to choose I’d say opening for Steve Vai. It was my first “big gig” and I still feel an expansion from this life changing experience. 


If you could perform a gig at any venue where would it be and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

       Another difficult question lol .. too many amazing venues to mention but to reduce it down I’ll say “where ever the love is, I’ll be there.” 


What has been your best achievement to date and what would you like to achieve in the future?


Mark C. Daniel: 

      Inspiring continued love from my wife, family, friends and peers in the music industry. Sharing music with those who love it as much as I and having the opportunity to listen to them. I can’t comment on the future as I don’t spent much time thinking of it. 


Tell me a story from backstage or after a gig? 


Mark C. Daniel: 

     I normally start shutting down after a show in order to rest properly for the next show/opportunity. I have seen quite a bit of what one would expect from “the party” atmosphere backstage but I like my space to focus. 


What do you like best about being a musician and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

     I find that I’m fascinated daily by amazing artists, musicians and all sources of inspiration. I love it very much because I’m connected to something indescribably large. 


If you were not in the job you are now what would you be doing?


Mark C. Daniel: 

    Exactly what I am doing now. 


What has been the best gig you have been too as a fan and can you tell us about it?


Mark C. Daniel: 

       So many.. in recent years: the 1975 and Queens of the Stone Age were amazing. 


What would your ideal festival line up be and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

      Off the cuff:  Van Halen, John Coltrane, Pearl Jam, Weather Report, Soundgarden, the 1975, Chris Stapleton, Queen, Miles Davis, Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix plus a bunch of friends  …to name a few.. 


What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?


Mark C. Daniel: 

   Don’t take yourself too seriously 


What things make you happy and what things annoy you?


Mark c. Daniel: 

Presence and positive energy. Nothing “annoys” me enough to mention.  


What things do you like to do when you are away from music? 


Mark C. Daniel:

     I’m never away from music. I made this commitment many years ago, much like an oath. 


Do you think social media and the internet are a good thing in the music industry?


Mark C. Daniel: 

     Very good! Another fantastic way to communicate! 


How important do you think your look and image is when it comes to being in the music industry?


Mark C. Daniel: 

      I suppose very important..even if “the look” is to have “no look at all” or an “expression of creativity.”’


Can you tell us about any tattoos you have and the significance of them to you?


Mark C. Daniel:  

     I have no tattoos or piercings for that matter lol. 


If you run the country for a day what would you change about it and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

      I wouldn’t change anything.. let the people’s will dictate direction. I don’t have any desire to influence people’s lives through politics or executive actions. 


What would your ideal day consist of?


Mark C. Daniel: 

   Music, Running, Meeting New People,  Incredible Food and sharing Love with Loved Ones. 


If you could say one thing to your fans what would it be and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

     I love you and thank you! 

Because you’re amazing! 


How would you answer the question Who are Mark C Daniel and what are the differences between you as a music artist and you away from music ?


Mark C. Daniel: 

        I’m not very good at comparing for differences so I’m afraid I can’t give this question the attention it deserves. 


What was the first record or song you purchased and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

        My first cassette tapes were stolen from an abandoned car, lol (I’ve made my penence, Lol)  .. Iron Maiden, Ozzy

Etc.. can’t say I remember the first ones I purchased … I had a “stolen” case of cassettes that lasted a very long time. lol 


What would say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and getting into the music industry?


Mark C. Daniel:  

      Awesome!! Go for it.. lead with your heart.. inspire and be inspired!! 


If you could collaborate with any other band/singer or musician who would you choose and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

      Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock… I’d learn something by their presence alone. 


If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?


Mark C. Daniel: 

       There are a few that could come to mind but I don’t linger in that head space for long to recall. 


What things make you uncomfortable?


Mark C. Daniel 

I try to be uncomfortable daily .. that’s where the good stuff happens…it’s starts vulnerability. 


If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?


Mark C. Daniel: 

     It wouldn’t be about “me.” My ego and I get along very well .. no need to “feed the monkey” at this time, thankfully .. I’d focus on music in either theory or reflections on composition.  


What has the rest of the year got in store for you?


Mark C. Daniel: 

    I don’t know … feels good to say that .. I have plans , like everyone, but I like the freedom of not predicting what’s in store..  I’m very thankful for this moment, your time and questions. Many thanks to you! 

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