Meresha Exclusive Interview

Meresha’s plan to take over the music world

Had a chance to catch up with Alien Pop innovator and (musical) artist
Meresha recently during the launch of the video for her latest single “Hold”.

Here’s what’s on her mind.

What the heck is “Alien Pop” and who does it?

Ha. Alien Pop is sort of like pop, but some people say it sounds like it's
from out of this world. I’d like to think that my music is accessible, but I
know many think it sounds quite different than typical things they hear. So
far I am the first Alien Pop artist. Maybe there be more of us….
Maybe we’ll even hold an Alien Pop festival or something like that once

they are allowed again.

Would you come?

Sure thing.

Your video for “Hold” is cool, tell me more about it

In the end I just put out a one shot of me singing the song “Hold”. I
originally planned to shoot a video with a full crew, dancers, props, etc., but
we had to postpone a few times because of Covid-19, and finally had to
totally cancel once shelter in place orders came in. Hope you like it despite
being a simpler take.

Video link:

Yeah, it has a really cool vibe. People should see it.

I noticed you also have a new playlist on Spotify (and other platforms)
called “This Is Meresha”. What is that all about?

This year I was blessed to be on the cover of the Indie Pop playlist on
Napster and in the Rising: Pop playlist of Tidal with “Hold”.
Still, there isn’t one good place for people to hear my music. Here you can
just click play and hear about 20 of my best.

Playlist link on Spotify:

Alternatively, I also hosted a one hour music MixTape listening party. It’s
still available on YouTube in case someone wanted to check it out:


Do you miss not being able to perform live?

Absolutely. Playing for an audience is one of the best things about being a
musician. Last year, Citi and Live Nation invited me to sing a few private
shows at Gov Ball, New York City’s biggest music festival and I have since
done a bunch of concerts internationally through February.
Now, though, all is cancelled.

That’s a bummer. I did see you played with some pretty huge artists in the
past. What was that like?

Amazing. I opened for Adam Lambert, who besides being a successful
solo artist has a side gig as lead singer for Queen. Not too shabby.
I also opened for Marshmello, which was an incredible experience. I
played for 40,000. I’m not sure they were ALL there just to see me, but I’m
not complaining.

This month I did something again with Marshmello (through his partner
Adobe) to help him encourage people to show kindness.

What would your ideal festival line up be and why?

It would be great to have some of my inspirations there - like Queen (with
Adam Lambert these days), Björk, James Blake, Aphex Twin. We can
throw in some Black Eyed Peas and Paramore who I also learned a lot
from by going to their concerts. Finally, we can include a recently emerging
star like Rosalía. We could do a duet with me in Spanish and her in

What about online concerts? Are you doing any of those?

Live Nation and their House of Blues Music Forward Foundation asked me
to join an Instagram Live session. That was really cool. I played a couple
of tunes, and Nick from the Foundation interviewed me as well. You can
see the concert here:


You are an Indie musician. So are a few musicians that you shared the
stage with like Marshmello. What do you think about what they are doing?

If you join a big label and you are lucky enough to have their full attention,
you might have a chance to go global. In the last few years, though, there
is an increasing number of artists out there who are going global
independently. Marshmello is maybe the biggest such artist. There are
others like Lauv who had hits like “I Like Me Better”. Both of those artists
have built their own teams to do streaming promo, radio, PR, legal. They
are real trailblazers because a few years ago, it was hard to name even
one artist that went big worldwide who wasn’t signed at some point to a big

So you would like to do the same thing?

If I can. I’m open to working with labels, but even if you get signed you
have to organize a lot of things yourself. I’m trying to do that as well as
possible now.

Do you also produce music for other people?

Yeah, besides writing, performing, producing, mixing my own tunes, I’ve
started working with other musicians on their music.
I can help them with songwriting, production and sometimes vocals. I’ve
worked on a bunch of songs in this way during the lockdown through

What next for you Meresha?

Well I’d love to be able to play live again, though guess we have to wait a
bit before that happens.
In the meantime, I’ve got about 20 songs in my “vault” that I have been
working on. There are some that could have a bigger appeal, and some
that are maybe more for fans that already know me.
I’ll probably put out an EP relatively soon. Stay tuned.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and
getting into the music industry?

Being able to make a living as a musician is not easy. Most musicians do it
because they love making music and performing. If you really want to
make it though, besides making the best possible music, you also have to
understand a lot about getting to listeners and the business side of music.
For example, my music’s been licensed a bunch of times. Licensing and
sync are their own world and there is a lot to learn to be successful in it.
That’s just one example of things you should know about if you are doing
music seriously.

What things do you like to do when you are away from music?

I love going out dancing, though can’t right now. Instead, I’ve been out
running and hanging out in nature. When possible, I’ll also start traveling
again, not just for gigs. At home I spend a bunch of time reading and
learning languages.

Very cool. Well I’ll let you get back to some of that. Before I do, is there
one best place for people to find you?

If you Google Meresha or search in almost any music service, you’ll
probably find me pretty easily. Besides that, my site is a
good place to start.


Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with a deep,
wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision.  She is an #AlienPop
innovator; so far the first in the genre.  

Her 2019 single "Jungle Potion" went viral hitting a million streams in a few

weeks, including while on Ariana Grande's official personal playlist.
Meresha debuted it at New York's largest music festival Gov Ball in
partnership with Citibank & Live Nation.  

Late 2019, Meresha released a Marley tribute with her version is of This
Love in partnership with the charity Movember.