Meresha’s music industry takeover campaign, part 2


Had a chance to reconnect with Alien Pop innovator and (musical) artist

Meresha.  She was featured in an article last year called “Meresha’s plan to take over the music world” which was one the most popular articles we published last year.


She’s back with a new single “Red Headed Lover” after having in the meantime also put out an album called “Look How Far”


Let’s see what she’s been up to.


The world’s continued to be partially shut down since we spoke last with Covid.  How has the time been for you?


Not being able to perform live and meet fans is not great.  The biggest waterfront festival in Florida - SunFest - which I played before, just announced today that they won’t be holding their annual May-ish festival.  Bummer.


I’ve instead used the time to write and record new music.  At the end of last year, I put out the “Look How Far” album which contains 1 totally new song by the same name, a remix which was not public and a collection of some of my best tunes to date.


The name also signifies the end of one era.  Together with fans, I can “Look How Far” we’ve come together since I first performed.


I’ve made some vinyl CDs in a limited edition of the album.  I’ll be sharing the first ones with the winners of a recent contest I just ran.  I might also make a few available for purchase.  Stay tuned.


A few days ago, I put out the song “Red Headed Lover” which signifies the start of a new era.

Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 07.35.20.png

Yeah, “Red Headed Lover’ is really cool tune, one of my faves of yours.  You also made a really good new video.  How did you manage to do that with all the Covid restrictions.


When we last spoke, I had to cancel a full crew filming for my song “Hold” due to lockdown restrictions.


This time, I got together with the same team and imagined the visuals for “Red Headed Lover”.  


We were lucky to be able to film in between two periods where such group work was not allowed.  The whole set up had us being very careful with masks, physical distancing, etc.  All of us were tested too before the shoot.


I hope you like the result.


It really is good work that you guys managed to put together in such challenging conditions.  Tell me what it is about.


“Red Headed Lover” is about finding your crazier, more extroverted side, from within, in pursuit of what you want.


In the video that crazier side is the red-headed me.  The more reserved blonde me needed that extra push to go after the object of her desire.


I saw that you had a bunch of press about the song


The support I’ve received so far for the new song has been amazing.  Besides coverage in various online outlets, streaming services like Tidal have playlisted the song on their big playlists as have different private playlisters.  A bunch of people made TikToks using it, including some kids doing some pretty funky dancing.  


I’ve also had a bunch of people reach out to me from around the world asking to write about the song or add it to their radio rotations, which is really cool.  


You mentioned that “Red Headed Lover” was the start of a new era.  What did you mean?


I’ve been working on a bunch of new music and will be putting out an EP later this year.  Can’t say too much more about it yet, but think fans will like it.


Cool.  Please remind everyone where they can find you.


The best place to start is  The homepage has links to all the music services and various social media sites I’m on.


Thanks for the interview.  Hope you come back again sometime!


For sure.  Thank you for inviting me to do this.  





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