Lane Interview

When did you decide that a career in music was for you?

At a very young age, all of us were introduced to music, and we grew a strong love for it knowing that was what we wanted to do as a career.

Who are your musical inspirations and why?

Artists and bands like Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, The Killers, just to name a few. We all cultivate towards great production and songwriting and we are often inspired by music that is very dynamic and conviction in songwriting.

Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

Morningside Lane is a street in singer Marc Del Giudice’s town of Palisades Park NJ, This current lineup has been together since March of 2019, and Our upcoming record is our first full length album the band has released. 

What song of yours best describes you and why?

Glass Skin. This song sums up the narrative of what we stand for lyrically and personally, and where we were in our own unique personal lives at the time of writing. 

What has been the best gig you have done to date and why?

The best gig that we have played to date is The News Cafe in Rhode Island. This gig, we all came together chemistry wise, and we were all so in tune with each other. The crowd was so responsive and we drove home that night knowing we had something amazing.

If you could perform a gig at any venue where would it be and why?

We are all based out of the NJ/NY area and the staple of not only our area,  but in the industry is Madison Square Garden. PLaying a show at that venue would be the ultimate dream. 

What has been your best achievement to date and what would you like to achieve in the future?

Our best achievement to this date would be the release of our first full length album this year. We would love to play our music to a wide variety of people and future fans everywhere.

Tell me a story from backstage or after a gig?

So after our Rhode Island gig we drove back in torrential downpouring rain. We were not driving the most rain safe van and our drummer Brian, was doing everything in his power to keep the car steady. This was at 1am - 3am where we thought we’d all get some rest….nope. 

What do you like best about being a musician and why?

Music is a universal language as well as the creative process that is understood by everyone across the world.

If you were not in the job you are now what would you be doing?

Marc would be in the fitness industry, Brian would be in the audio engineering industry, Brandon would find a way to be involved in music to make a living and Frankie P would be a music teacher.

What has been the best gig you have been too as a fan and can you tell us about it?

In 2010 when we saw The Gaslight Anthem at the summer stage at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park and being inspired musically by them.

What would your ideal festival line up be and why?

Us with The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, and Bleachers

What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“Trust The Process”

What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

What makes us happy is when we all come together and a new song develops. What annoys us is when you go into someone’s house and they ask you to take off your shoes.

What things do you like to do when you are away from music?

Workout, produce podcasts, and watch sports

Do you think social media and the internet are a good thing in the music industry?

During the pandemic of 2020, I think it’s extremely important because it keeps your relevance. Understanding social media and how to utilize it is key to your success.

How important do you think you look and image is when it comes to being in the music industry?

You definitely want to portray yourself in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on being professional on and off the stage.

Can you tell us about any tattoos you have and the significance of them to you?

 Our bass player Frankie P is the only one with tattoos. He has 3 of them, one being his grandfathers initials on his chest, a bald eagle on his arm, and his bass on top of a bed of roses on his back. These all symbolize who he is as a person and individual and is planning on getting more as his experiences grow.

If you run the country for a day what would you change about it and why?

We are going to leave this question up to people that are more qualified than we are for this

What would your ideal day consist of?

Coffee, traveling to gigs, performing, and then traveling to more gigs. While spending time with our families and friends.

What has been your experience during the Covid 19 situations.Can you tell us how this has affected you personally,how it has affected you professionally and maybe a story from this time or a message for people out there?

This pandemic has given us a chance to really learn about ourselves off the stage in terms of learning about the behind the scenes process of releasing a record. It has given us, with the knowledge of the four of us individually, to stay relevant in our area, and get our music to a bigger reach of audiences. 

If you could say one thing to your fans what would it be and why?

We would love to say Thank You, because without them we wouldn’t be able to do this and releasing this record is our way of giving back to the amazing support we have seen.

How would you answer the question ..... Who are Morning Side Lane and what are the differences between you as music artists and you away from music?

Together musically, we are four musicians from small towns in New Jersey where we honor our own musical influences and where we come from. 

What was the first record or song you purchased and why?

Marc - Pino Daniele, Brandon - Mo Money, Mo Problems - P Diddy, Brian - Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Frankie P - All Star - Smashmouth

What would say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and getting into the music industry?

Make sure to write great songs, always continue learning, and put yourself in the company of like minded artists like yourself. 

If you could collaborate with any other band/singer or musician who would you choose and why?

Nile Rogers - He takes great songs and makes them greater. If it wasn’t for him “Get Lucky” wouldnt have been “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. He adds magic in his songs.

If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?

Freebird. Because anytime anyone picks up an instrument, you can hear in the distance someone yell “FREEBIRD!”

What things make you uncomfortable?

The discussion of “is it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?” and the sound of bags crinkling in the movie theatre. 

If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?

It would have a classic underdog story.

What has the rest of the year got in store for you?

Hopefully to play shows towards the end of the year and most importantly, the release of our upcoming record “These Are Our Years” on September 4th, 2020.