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Peter Lee
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For as long as I can remember, music has been a massive part of me and my life. I’ve  been producing electronic music for the last 27 years and experimented with various  genres over that time. My music reflects these myriad of influences including 80s pop,  funk, hip hop, 90s rave and beyond into all the multicoloured facets of electronic music. 

My debut self release is Out of Place. An album inspired by nine locations in Scotland that  include field recordings from these different places. The recordings determine the overall  feel of each piece and are incorporated into each composition, forming the background  ambiences and rhythms. Each layered electronic sound was created from scratch by  myself using a Roland System-1M semi-modular synthesiser and an Arturia MicroBrute  analog mono synth. 

The second self release, Testing Times, is a three track EP created entirely from layered  sounds from an Arturia MiniBrute analog mono synth with no presets. This forced me to  design 100% original sounds, which is something I love doing and to be honest,  something I feel compelled to do as a trained sound designer. I can’t bring myself to use  presets. It feels like cheating. 

On the 25th May 2021 I will be releasing a new track, Iterations, which was created  entirely in Max / MSP. This is a graphical programming language that operates in a very  modular way. I designed all of the synthesisers that generate all the sounds you hear,  including the delays and reverb. The structure of the track from the micro to the macro is  controlled by mathematical algorithms that generate controlled randomness. Each  individual sound appears with an element of chance and probability, while the overall  structure follows a predetermined form.  

My second album, Idiosyncrasy, will be released on 1st June 2021. It features different  tracks I worked on through the course of 2020 and early into 2021. This album brings  together different musical approaches, encompassing all of my acquired skills and  knowledge, including field recordings, synthesis, probability and chance. They lay in my  archive for some time as musical misfits, but I eventually decided to release them into the  world and your ears. I hope you enjoy it and all of my other releases. 

You can hear my music on Bandcamp and pre-order Idiosyncrasy: https:// 


Peter x