Pork Pie 
Album Review

As soon as the guitar kicked in on the first track I knew I was in for something quality.This first track gave me classic country vibes at the beginning with 70s 80s rock and some Oasis vocal control.


You can almost believe that one great track and this can't compare throughout and that was definitely not the case . The guitar riffs and solos continued to flow with the vocal masterpieces .


This is a band that knows who they are and knows their craft which should make other bands take notice.


I bet after coming up with a triumph like this I just hope that a full tour once they can and capitalising on this when we have festival season again mean this band can get fully established like they deserve.


I would start writing more and more but push this album as long as you can and maybe put a couple of new songs out here and there because this needs to be celebrated before anything else appears.


Pork Pie are already on my list of bands to see live after this 


Please listen to this if you want something to fill your ears and make them happy