Red Jump Apparatus Interview

When did you decide a career in music was for you?


My brother (our singer) and I became serious about playing music around age 16. It was very easy to learn multiple instruments quickly, I'd say music chose us and we ran with it.

Who were your musical inspirations and why? There are so many but the top three that come to mind because of their continuous innovation would be David Gilmour/Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails) & Casey Crescenzo (Deer Hunter).


Can you tell me three things about yourself that people might not already know?


I've been researching Interdimensional activity for over 10 years. I'm studio engineer. I speak Klingon.


What has been your biggest achievement to date ,what was your biggest career regret and is there anything you want to achieve in the future?


Other than our gold debut record our last four consecutive singles were Billboard #1's. I feel that's pretty rad and would hope to continue that track record. Not a fan of regret, we have to experience linear time in this dimension to learn from it.


What do you think you have that makes you stand out from other acts and which song of yours defines you as an artist?


We've always made it a point to mix multiple genres so we'd sound different. Internationally "Guardian Angel" has been our biggest success to date.


What can we expect from you at the South By So What festival and what will you do before and after the festival?


We all have different pre/post show rituals though one thing is guaranteed, when we take the stage you will know.


What can we expect from gigs & tours you take part in this year?


Our latest album "4" was done with our same team that did our debut album. It's been well received globally by RJA vets so we're going to keep that our focus till our 2016 10 year anniversary tour of our debut record.


Can you tell me on things about each member that people might not already know? Joey is 100% unpredictable and is a straight wild card. Before a performance Ronnie usually slips sneaks through the venue with his hair tucked into a hat/hoodie scoping out the energy and opening bands. John changes his mind every 10 mins. Matt never runs out of gas.


If you had to give up the music industry for another career what would you do and why? If engineering at our studio is not option I'd probably go back to web design.


What do you do before and after you have been on stage and what is it like for you to play live?


Pre show I find a place to warm up my hands and voice. Playing live is similar to driving a unfamiliar sports car, not everything is predictable.


How much does the internet play a part in your career and is a good thing or bad things for you and your career?


A part of me envies the 80's and advertising to a captive audience so easily lol. In short, the internet has caused over saturation. Good artists are now the needle in a endless field of haystacks. Luckily we were born into this paradigm shift so we understand it and use it to our benefit. It's easier than ever to get music out but harder than ever to get it noticed.


Can you tell me one story from a time backstage or on tour?


The craziest thing that comes to mind was a bomb threat in Parkersburg, WV. We were on tour with Seether at the time.


What does 2015 have in store for you?


2015 is nearly booked so thats exciting. I'm already looking at our 2016 10 year anniversary tour of our debut release and a 2017 release.