Rhyme Assassin
Featured Artist

Rhyme Assassin was born and raised in Zimbabwe but is currently based in the United Kingdom. Rhyme Assassin loves battle-rapping and is a conscious rapper with a knack for blazing tracks with his amazing lyrical content. He is the kind of emcee who can light up any beat. The name Rhyme Assassin came from combining the word ‘rhyme’ which has to do with the poetic expression of his lyrics while ‘assassin’ is indicative of the creative talent with which he executes the art; a lyricist who is versatile in style, from punchlines to smooth flowing lyrics with a mature flow.

 In 2012 Rhyme Assassin met with a UK producer named Deep Voice who gave him blazing beats that reignited his passion for music. He was inspired and started writing and recording his music. Rhyme Assassin is working on a 2022 yet to be titled album.


Having worked with some of Zimbabwe's finest talents from Trevor Dongo to Ti Gonzi Rhyme Assassin is ready to deliver his debut album with features from Zimbabwe and Hip-hop royalty like Saigon,Rock Monsta,Masta Ace,Cannibus and Sticman of Dead Prez.Legendary American producer Buckwild is also involved on the project whose release date is yet to be unveiled.


Currently Rhyme Assasin is working on a single with on fire crooner/rapper Kae Chaps as well as a single and video dedicated to his late uncle called Matisiya (Dedicated to his late uncle).Working under his own movement, Rhyme Assassin gave birth to the Uncle Rhymes Records. The name was derived from his own (then 6-year old) nephew who calls him Uncle Rhymes and a great fan of his music. Bulawayo-based artist and friend T9yce is the only artist currently in the stable