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Robert Charles III

Introducing:  Robert Charles III


Robert Charles III is an American producer who combines the string work style of Vivaldi, with the electronic beats style of the Pet Shop Boys, for a modern classical genre he calls “Electrorchestra”. Robert’s first EP, simply titled “Rc3 EP”, features string work similar to that found on “Four Seasons” interwoven with a driving analog bass and thumping electronic beats. Rc3 EP was recorded using 432hz tuning.


The EP includes the title track, “RC3”, the extended mix “RC3 Extended Mix” (for your mixing pleasure!) and also another fun upbeat track called “Cosmic Disco”.
Cosmic Disco features more of Robert’s electronic beats and string work, disco style this time! 

“Everyone in the galaxy is up and dancing with this EP! It’s so exciting!!” -Robert

RC3 EP is the perfect combination for the contemporary electronic music lover and the classical string lover. Check it out below and please buy at iTunes, Google Play, Deezer etc to support indie music.


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