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‘The Great Loneliness’ is an album that has taken 10 years to record. It took a global pandemic to give focus to the final recording and mixing of it. It has seen 12 band members come and go. The band has been located in Scotland, then Japan and now London. During this time Skin 17 has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of both the music business and life in general. From being signed and headlining a festival in Japan, to the lows of having to reboot the band in the time of Covid with no live shows to play and build a fan base from scratch. Lyrically the songs on the album capture the darker side of life, dealing with a wonderful array of the lows that life has thrown at the band. Yet the musical progression of the band sees orchestras, sitars, synths, grand pianos and more thrown into the previous straight up 90’s rock sound of the band and mixed with a healthy dose of pop sensibilities. The album charts the rise and fall of a band just getting back on their feet. Skin 17 started out in Glasgow Scotland, cutting their musical teeth in the likes of the 13th Note, Ivory Blacks, the Strawberry Fields and King Tuts. After several years the band relocated to Japan, were signed to Hide’s management label and spent years gigging around the Kansai region of Japan. At their peak the band sold out capacity venues of several hundred. All the time shunning social media and relying on word of mouth to grow the fan base. Growing disillusionment with the music industry led to the band relocating back to the UK, minus the bass and drum players. The new single Halo was written the day the band fell out of love with the music industry. With 6 tracks written and recording started on album number 2 Skin 17 are a band looking to make up for lost time.



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