Featured Artist

The Golden Hour 

The 80’s meet modern synth-pop in an electronic marriage of  eras with enigmatic and uplifting retrowave project The Golden  Hour. 

 Although electropop rules the airwaves now, Matteo  Zandonella Bolco’s project The Golden Hour puts a whole new  meaning behind the name. Inspired by the digital experimental and huge range of synth sounds from the 80s, Matteo adds a retro edge to pop as he brings classic sounds up to date with modern production and arrangements.  

 Although heavily inspired by 80s acts, Matteo brings pop into  his work in an emotional catharsis with builds ups which draw from more modern electronic genres. Although his first love is for singing,  he is not afraid to experiment with tracks like the instrumental Neon  Chase, which evokes retro video games and detailed production in a glorious homage to his favourite electronic gear. With a build up, signs of post-80s influences such as EDM demonstrate  creativity and musical flexibility. Nostalgia is often a double edged  sword and can idealise an era, but here Matteo repackages the best  parts of a golden age of electronic music for the modern era of DIY  production. His work is embodied by the Japanese concept of  Natsukashii- a word describing a state of mind in transition, with the in-between atmosphere of nostalgia for perfection which never existed.  

 With the gothic roman/cism of acts like The Cure, Matteo has  never failed to appreciate small moments of beauty even amongst  the darker parts of the human spirit. It was during dark times that 

the moonlight falling on his guitar inspired his first song. In an unblocking of emotions, music became a healing force, and The Golden Hour has sprung from Matteo’s transformation of darkness  into light. Now having played in multiple bands, as a solo artist he builds on his experiences to better himself

 The current wave of 80s pop culture revival has so far not yet  spread to the music industry, but the enduring appeal of this era’s  arts is summed up in Matteo’s combination of emotions. Like bands  such as New Order, he manages to sum up complex emotions in a  simple way which makes the tougher side of life easier to deal with.  Matteo knows life can be both extremely tough and simultaneously  awe-inspiring, and it is this contrast which he conveys simply through  his work. Matteo’s love of analogue gear lets him appreciate sound as a medium itself, and sheds light on the world with uplifting  progressions, hope, and sincerity.  

 Along with the rest of the retrowave and synthwave movement,  The Golden Hour is a valuable gem in the underground music scene of the internet, and Matteo aims to connect with other lovers of  retro music and 80s culture. Equally appealing to listeners of the classic 80s acts, as it is to modern revival acts like FM-84 and The  Midnight, The Golden Hour provides the best parts of the past with  the brightest promises of the future.