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Tony from Blacklist Union

Tell us about you and the band?


Im tony west lead singer.The band was formed in 2004.We have had four full length records.We produce high octane rock and roll with big ass hooks


What made you get into music?


When i was 5 I asked my uncle who is girl in poster and he said David Bowie and my life was never the same again. Also punk rock, ACDC, van halen, sabbath, the Ramones, lots of punk rock music .It was my escape as a kid from a  bad atmosphere and it saved my life.


What has the lockdown been like for you and Blacklist Union?


Well im sure like everyone else complete fucking nightmare guitar player died 2018 een aon hiatus hasnt affected musically goign to revcord new record righ now


Tell us about new music we can expect from you?


Called letter from the synch ward with mark fain started bu with wrote first record with in infant stage of writing expect it this summer


Who were your musical influences and why?


My music biggest vocal influence andrew from Mother Lovebone highly suggest you check them out holy grail of rock and roll always love not beatles fan take stones over the beatles john lennon very witty and clever always say favourite person whitty brit like lemmy


What things do you like and what things annoy you?


Love music money , stress 


What process do you go through when writing music?


I mean it just depends on the song sometimes  i will be presented with music and do lyrics for that sometimes in rehearsal sometimes I come in with melody and they write music around it 


What makes your music special?


Authenticity and hooks


What motivates you?


Life motivates me all the songs are about real things lost a lot of friends and always had joy with friends and wife life is my inspiration


What do you think of social media?


Well social media is a nessarasy evil i fucking hate it its a normal man alot of people int he states get butt hurt complain about politics na d covid my wife would laugh its alot of drama


What means the most to you from your career so far?


Being recognised by pears is nice. I actually sang in andrew wood band then they got eddie when he died played in andy's band malfunction doing records and getting recognised.


How much does playing live music mean to you and the band?


I just have performing in ym blood since 5 years old live in where its at got to deliver live especially a singer they have to emulate that live not a fan of types take old school approach like aerosmith


Tell me three things about you that people might not already know?


Im Sober don't drink or use

I have two kids and i'm married

Also sang in la guns for 2 minutes


What job would you be doing if you hadn’t gone into music?




If someone wrote a book about you what would the title be and what would it have in it?


The title would be letter from the psych ward dry little details in it


What would you say are your favourite songs from over your four records so far?


I mean man i come from school of every song counts I can take you through eahc record after the morning a song called dying to live wrote about girlfriend likked in car accident singer from betty and the blowtorch second record breaking bread with the devil song called come inside sexual thing but its about stepping into my world Thirs record thill death do uspart song called I do last record back to momo I guess  favourit song read between the lines being in band with andrew woods brother.


What do you want to be remembered for?


Putting out kick ass music


What can everyone expect form Blacklist union in the future?


Well a new record, new videos and some kick ass rock and roll !


What message would you like to say to your fans?


I'd like to say thank you and get ready for the next chapter!

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