Unreal Wrestling Experience


A New Way To Do Wrestling

        The URWE Guarantee           
Every Wrestler will be new and exclusive to URWE   
We will have polls on twitter everyday   working out what you the fans want.
We will have a fantasy league just for you to pick your favourites.
All the latest news and rumours will only appear on Electric Music Magazine.
We will have interviews,news , and all the latest rosters only on this page.
There will be a league table and every match is made when a challenge is made and it gets accepted by the company.
Interview with The Owner Paul Robinson

What is URWE and what did you want to achieve with this?


OK URWE stands for Un-real Wrestling Experience which means two things.One is that it will be a different way of doing wrestling that you the fans will not be used too but will find intriguing and the second thing is that it is a fictional story where we have wrestlers who will appear as a comic book setup but with extensive story lines and plots all going on at the same time.I want to achieve a popular brand of wrestling that is different but something everyone is talking about and I have that ready and all we need now is to show it to the world.


Tell me 3 things different about URWE?


Table System

We have a table system which will mean a lot to the company itself because it will show our fans just who is coming up and it will determine people for various events.Also it can indicate who deserves to fight the best of the best.


Exclusive Roster

We have currently 260 plus talent and they are all 100% exclusive to URWE which is something I believe has never really been done before.This is going to help us a lot as it will make us want to make a star out of all of the talent rather than a select few.Come in with a totally open mind and let us take it over.


The Challenge Mail

This will be a section that you can see on our social media where any wrestler on our roster can make a challenge to another one of our talent rosters and then you wait for a reply to see if this has been accepted or denied.

An exclusive roster coming soon.New wrestlers added every day.


Carter Pennyman

Linbana Hoapes

Tristan Knights

Rainor Cage


Memerma Haskellas

Shenta Blent

The Only One

The Yin and The Yang (Tag Team)

Loz Froams

Herrart Weffer

Jurdenice Hyfrost


Sereniia Bretarniz

Verity Oppourne

Ukerna Frunt

Poina Drute

Pallomy Deasen

Oreman Knowles

Trinket Davis


Justin Greeves

Justice Hymerly

Mega Hertz (Tag Team)

Unreal Social Media

All the latest URWE Social media posts here.All exclusive to Electric Music Magazine.

          URWE CHATZONE           

Welcome to everyone who is new to this company and be sure to stay with us as you will never know what is going to happen next.

Linbana Hoapes to open up in exclusive first interview.Linbana has stated she wants to make her self very clear as to why she is here with UWE.

Ruan will also be joining us for an exclusive interview.Ruan states that NO women should ever wrestle ,they are there to look pretty .Stop doing a mans work.

(LinbanaH URWE)

Can't believe I am here.I am here to show UWE that it will be defined by that one true star of the company and I am that person.


Being here is good for all of you fans as you get to hear all my inspirational words and see my abilities you will see nowhere else.Oh and Linbana go and get a Womans job and leave the wrestling to the men.