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We sit down with Amber Run to talk all things music and find out a bit more about the band plus thing you might not already know

Were you good at music in school? Did you study music and how did you decide a career in music was for you?

No better than anybody else! None of us studied music at school or university. Maybe Henry was in the orchestra with his trusty clarinet but the rest of us were just playing for fun at home. I don’t think there was ever a moment of clarity where music was going to be everything to us. We started the band and it started going well and we found a lot of enjoyment from writing and playing shows. So we just stuck to it. It was a passion built from doing it all really. 


What have you been up to in the last year with your music?

Enjoying it! When you’ve been in a band for a hot minute, you constantly invent and reinvent yourself. It makes the whole thing feel new and more fun every year or so. So we’ve just been writing and recording and finding new ways to make Amber Run as fun as it can be for us. 


What makes your music stand out from other acts? Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

Clarity of purpose for each track maybe. 

One of our players on tour is Louis Tomlinson’s guitarist.

Two of us ride motorbikes (one much better than the other)

Ones favourite animal is the red panda


If there are people who have never heard of you what song or clip would you send them and where can they find you on social media?

I'd firstly ask what they’ve been doing the last 8 years and then gently push them towards amber run on all social media platforms. I'd send them a clip of I found, fickle game, What Could be as Lonely as Love and the entirety of our new record, How to Be Human.


Tell us what you currently have out music wise and any gigs merch etc you have coming up?

We are releasing new singles from our upcoming record, How to be Human. The most recent single Hurt is out now. We are touring the UK in April 2023, stopping off in a ton of cities. Rock City in Nottingham and KOKO in London being some highlights.


Who are your inspiration in life and in music? Also who are your biggest supporters with your music?

There are little bits of inspiration everywhere. In the extremes and in the mundane of everyday life. Would be ruthless to pick one person or thing. The fans that keep listening and keep coming back to shows. They keep the party going.


Have you ever written a song dedicated to a person, thing or place? If so, tell us about it, if not who or what would you choose?

5am is about a friend from school who had an addiction. Ride is about my Dad. Amen is about my grandfather who passed away. Every Amber Run song has to start with a motive. Otherwise it tends not to get very far in the process. Have a listen and see if you can hear any of the narratives.


Where are your favorite gig/venues/festivals on your bucket list? What is your best memory at a gig as a music artist and as a fan?

We’ve played so many shows! Some highlights would be Rock City in Nottingham, Roundhouse in London, Paradiso in Amsterdam. We’ve had some amazing shows in the states as well. I really enjoyed Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York and a show in Salt Lake city that went a bit crazy. I'd love to play Red Rocks in the states and Brixton Academy here in the UK.


What moments in your life have led you to where you are today?

Leaving University after our second year to throw ourselves into making music. The birth of my daughter. And buying a guitar on my 12th birthday.


What is your opinion on social media and what is your favorite one to use?

Sorry - no steaming hot takes on this one. For me it's a necessary evil to promote the work that we do. I don’t particularly like using it personally but understand those who do. Instagram I guess would be my first port of call but what people are doing on TikTok is so funny and cool.


What is your favorite food / drink and place to be, also what do you like to do in your downtime?

PIZZA BABY. And call me basic but love a Bud Lite. I love Italy, the food and the aesthetic. I was also born in Milan so have a real affinity to the country. I like making music, playing sport and just being around people I love. Bit of a boring sop really.


What has the next year got in store for you?

A new record. New tours, I'm sure a ton of new adventures. Hopefully we’ll see you out there,

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