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Verity White Interview

 Can you tell me three things about yourself that people might not already know?

Yeah so I can tell you when i was 12  I was on the TV show Finders Keepers. We lost and it was hilarious. I never regained my street cred at school. I was in a hotel and I had just bought new trainers. I was good at being messy.

 When I was 4 I shut myself in the fridge and nearly died 

And the last one is  that I am  a classically trained singer.

 What would you do on an ideal day and why?

So I am a massive fan of being places hot and sunny. I would go to a  Greek island and chill out listening to music on the beach.Go to a taverna drink wine go to olive groves.Just have a beautiful day and  do a gig.It would be amazing.

Why and how did you decide a career in music was for you and what would you do if you hadn't gone into music?

I chose music because I'm insane. I don't think you choose it, you gotta love it and it's part of your soul.Its a difficult thing and not something you just start doing for the money. You have to be tenacious to do it. it chooses you really! I would have gone into something to do with art.

Can you tell me a story from backstage or after a gig?

I mean we are actually quite lame. When we are gigging I am normally driving but I can remember ,when we did Giants of Rock at the beginning of the year and we got accommodation thrown. We played at 7:30 got into the beer with other bands and having a good time.Our drummer said he had only had 4 pints.I said to him mate are you sure because he couldn't stand up.At  half 10 we stayed at the party and I was worried about him When he went to  bed he got up in his pants went out and disappeared until 6 in the morning, came back and doesn't know where he went. If anyone knows where he went let him know.

What can we expect from you music wise in the next couple of months?

The new EP which is due to be out at the end of May beginning of June.We have had to approach music differently how we do music. Lots of guitar line structures to send over. I then load it into Garage Band work out vocals and then the lyics. Alex challenged me  to write an EP worth of songs so I  opened Garage Band then did the route chords lyrics and melodies. Alex then wrote chords. We decided the final track had to be something different.On Monday we did a  live stream and we got people to help us write the final song. They bossed us around then we had to get the intro and then a random collection of things turned into a song. It was a fun way of getting others involved .It was good to see what they came up with. Some were musicians and some aren't. I can't play the drums and they got me playing the drum on the middle eight.

What was the first song you ever bought? What song means the most to you and what are you listening to right now!

The first song i ever bought was Glenn Medeiros ‘’Nothing’s gonna change my love for you’’.  i'm going to take a song that emotionally impacted my life so I would say’’ Winter’’ by Tory Amos.It is so well written, it's about her dad. I always cry when I listen to it.It’s  beautifully written and to hear her emotions,it really speaks to me. At the moment I am listening to Alex writing lead guitar chords for the EP . I am listening to random music portis head electronica that kind of stuff, rock tracks 90s rock always on shuffle.

Do you think there is a pressure on image in the music industry?

Soo there is an immense amount of pressure on what you look like and it can be really frustrating. I don't know how other people feel about this?  it's a higher pressure than is put on men. Why can't we just go out on stage in t-shirt and leggings. if you are  listening on the radio it's not what they look like it's all about what the music sounds like.There’s a  lot of pressure when it comes to trying to have an image .At the dn of the day when I am on stage its me being bit of a dickhead and thats what you're getting.When you see Axel rose now he looks a bit like a potato but he is still amazing.The sound when they play now is still the same.Its a shame male and females feel a  pressure to look a certain way and also when you do a certain genre, you should look like this. What if i don't want too?

Can you tell us about your experience with lockdown?

Well I have to stay. I started lock-down a bit before other people.I have a lung condition so it was not good for me to go anywhere. Alex and I have been in lockdown 9 weeks now.(At the time of the interview) Some Days  i can cope others I feel empty and void of anything.It  doesn't help when you have a underline mental health condition.The first few weeks were harder.I have been doing alot of work so not too bored.I go for a walk everyday to get exercise.Its all about adjusting to the new normal. I miss my family and gigs.I am just trying to centre myself. I had pushed myself into burn out and now I can have a rest and have a bit of a break. Time to reflect so when we come out of this we are more mindful and self reflective. This is just time to think about what is important and focus on time for reflection and getting yourself into a better place so we can find out what's next.

When your career is finally over in many years to come what would you have wanted to achieve? 

I think I will always perform,If it's not what I always do I want to still sing even if it's not at the same level.For me music is about writing something that helps other people and get a response. I know I have achieved something if people have felt something when listening to my music. Just knowing that is just the greatest achievement.It’s nice to sell more records  and do bigger gigs but definitely have a deep impact with my fans.

What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

Things that make me happy include cats, sunshine ,ice cream, lots of brightly coloured things, birds with twigs in their beaks.Thing that annoy me ….. Narcissism Egotists and people who are not grateful for what they have.Can I swear? OK W*****’s

Who is Verity White and what are the differences between you as a musician and you away from music?

Well music is how I express myself and cope with things.I am genuinely never happier than when i am singing.There’s not a huge difference when Im on stage.I come across a lot more confident.I am still very silly.People would be surprised that I like to be quiet.You wont see it on stage. What you see is just my personality,I cant disguise it? 

What can we expect next from you?

Well when we go back gigging we want to rearrange dates that we had  for early next year. We are writing an album, the ep is just me and Alex so its a little bit different .We want to work on new music.The  plan was to do our own music in the autumn for the album but of course this had to be delayed.It will be figuring out what the new normal is and make sure we can keep doing what we do.

What was the worst review you ever had ?

We had a reviewer once who said Verity can sing and Alex showed so much self adulation and that was so harsh because I thought you don't know him .It didn't go very far as the person in question only had 53 followers on twitter 

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