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is the 1st singing for


We are so proud to announce that 6ft2 Latino goddess and amazing wrestling talent Linbana Hopes has become the first signing for URWE.
A powerhouse who is agile and really does think about her next moves way ahead of time. She knows what she wants and knows how and when to get it.
Linbana when first coming to URWE provided us with this statement:
'I am proud of what I have achieved to get here and will make sure by the end of my time in this company, everyone will know my name.'
'There is no one above me and I will do everything I need to so I can prove just that.'
We will have tonnes more info on this and more signings in the coming days.

What is URWE and what did you want to achieve with this?


OK URWE stands for Un-real Wrestling Experience which means two things.One is that it will be a different way of doing wrestling that you the fans will not be used too but will find intriguing and the second thing is that it is a fictional story where we have wrestlers who will appear as a comic book setup but with extensive storylines and plots all going on at the same time.I want to achieve a popular brand of wrestling that is different but something everyone is talking about and I have that ready and all we need now is to show it to the world.


Tell me 3 things different about URWE?



We have a table system which will mean a lot to the company itself because it will show our fans just who is coming up and it will determine people for various events.Also it can indicate who deserves to fight the best of the best.


Exclusive Roster

We have currently 260 plus talent and they are all 100% exclusive to URWE which is something I believe has never really been done before.This is going to help us a lot as it will make us want to make a star out of all of the talent rather than a select few.Come in with a totally open mind and let us take it over.


The Challenge Mail

This will be a section that you can see on our social media where any wrestler on our roster can make a challenge to another one of our talent rosters and then you wait for a reply to see if this has been accepted or denied.


Who do you see as your biggest competition when coming into the wrestling business?


We don’t have competition because we are doing a completely different product to anyone else just with the name wrestling.


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