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Dutty Moonshine Big Band 
Interview with fascinating , out there music act about thoughts on social media career highlights and much more.

Were you good at music at school did you study music and how did you decide a career in music was for you?
Some of the band would have been amazing at it in school, me personally, I was actually pretty rubbish and it wasn't until my later teen years I got into the music stride and really into it (although I was a bass player in a Grunge/Metal band at age 14, don't ask!)


What have you been up to in the last year with your music

1st half of the year saw us finishing off a new album which we've just road tested on a small 4 date tour in November, it's gone down really really well!


What makes your music stand out from other acts. 

​Our engineering is something that makes us stand out for sure, we're always getting calls of peers asking how we've done certain things.

And our style, I stand by that there isn't a single band out there like us. Sure one of our songs might belong to a certain scene but as a product overall we're certainly unique. 
Our live performance is also killer tight.



Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

​I grew up as a Circus performer.

I love playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I think I can beat the world record for amount of Jaffa Cakes in a min (I'm yet to prove this)


If there are people who have never heard of you what song or clip would you send them and where can they find you on social media?

​Our recent Boomtown finale dropped on youtube recently, that'll give you a good indicator of how mad our shows are - 

And and are great places to explore.



Tell us what you currently have out music wise and any gigs merch etc you have coming up?

​Currently we have 2 albums out; 'Most Wanted' and 'City of Sin'. And there's also 'Most Wanted: Remixed' which features a whole range of artists remixing our debut album.

Merch and gigs are listed on our website; but apart from a couple of secret gigs we're about to take a few months off from gigging as we've just done 8 months on the road and we are shattered! 
So time to recoup a little and gear up for a HUGE 2023



Who are your inspiration in life and in music. Also who are your biggest supporters with your music?

​Talking about inspiration is such a hard question to answer as you never know where that could come from. I've sat in a bar in a christmas market listening to a German Oompa band and been inspired by something but at the same time I've attended digital concerts using state of the art technology which has also inspired us in other ways. We are artists and art can and is inspired by the smallest happening to the largest life change.

Our biggest supporters has to come in the form of families and significant others who without their support we'd never have been able to achieve what we have. 


Have you ever written a song dedicated to a person thing or place if so tell us about it if not who or what would you choose?

​Only in a metaphorical sense. There's a running narrative throughout our music so there's been anti-heroes, protagonists and made up locations. My personal recommendation would be to watch our music video Tommy & Loretta and see if you can work our who they are. Fans, about 1.5 years since it's release have since worked out who they are and the narrative based song takes on a new meaning when you know who they are. 


Where are your favourite gig venues and festivals on your bucket list.

​SWX in Bristol is a favourite for when it comes to concert venues. And Boomtown hands down has to be our favourite festival to play. Bucket list....I'd love to do a Jazz gig at Ronnie Scott's, I of course want to do the Pyramid stage at Glasto and to be invited to play on Jools Holland would be an absolute dream. Ooo and I really want to do a main stage show at WOMAD festival, celebrating the world of music and dance with a special set.


What is your best memory at gig as a music artist and as a fan?

​Cards on the table I can't answer this, there's just too many to choose from!


What moments in your life have lead you to where you are today?

​Failing. Failing a lot. That's what has lead to me to where I am today. It is important that when you fail at something to not think you can't do something. By failing we learn and it's important to use that to fuel your drive. 


What is your opinion on social media and what is your favorite one to use?

​I personally love it, I know there's shady elements that need to be regulated better but as a whole I'm a big fan of it. It connects the world and is building a platform of equal social justice. The world is as one deciding what is wrong and right. We're in it's infancy but it's an inevitable progress so manage your time on it and careful of addiction but I say enjoy it at the same time. 

I think Twitter is my fave as a punter. But Facebook is def our fave to use as a band.



What is your favourite food drink and place to be, also what do you like to do in your downtime?

​Pizza and beer! And playing computer games is a big favourite for my down time, lock me in a room with a decent RPG and I'm happy for days.


What has the next year got in store for you?

​Next year is our big year, it's the one that's going to change our lives.
We'll be dropping a new album that will see us secure more chart positions, we'll do a huge festival season and that will be followed up by a massive Autumn tour promoting the new album. 

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