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Underground 3000


A classic selection of sounds that really does show the all round nature of this act. Listening to a track like ‘Minor Serenade Guitar is a great place to start . 


The one man and his guitar is something that is done often but not always pulled off with the class and expertease this shows.


Whether it be in a studio,in your home or at a festival/gig this song along with all the other songs hold their greatness and will captivate any audience.


Also another thing I noticed is you often hear instrumentals with titles that seems to be picked out of a hat, whereas in all of these songs you can see the title and instantly know you will get the feeling associated with the title.



Just guitar at its finest throughout. Vocals NOT NEEDED HERE. Carry out a set of tracks like this at your own risk but there is no risks taken here as Robro clearly understand what capabilities they show and execute with what seems like ease!


Besides a festival and gig career that should easily keep him busy I also suggest reaching out to TV Films and Games


Just a masterclass of guitar that I think is not only an advert for the act itself but also an advert for playing an instrument and showing that one instrument is enough.


I would like some more tracks as individuals to truly show each track off then a new album or EP to bring them together.

Kalevi - Tears


A guitar that will not disappoint and highlights the vocal complimenting it as well as making it stand out more.


I am getting mild R.E.M vibes going through this track which can never be a bad thing in any sense.


Vocals were great and made the track something more


An EP or album to follow up showing the full direction the act is going is what I want next and when everything is back to the new normal festival circuit is crying out for this act.


Guitar solos mixed in to really draw you in make this well worth being added to playlists and your daily music routine.


Dark Fiber - Dark tools


Hit me like a brick when that sound began and that's what you need in a world of millions of songs you need to hit your audience from note one.Classic sounds throughout.


It’s unusual to hear music that seemed to not need a vocal until it started and then it’s almost a missing piece to almost perfection for what they were going for.


In just the first track I went from appreciating the music to wanting to see it live.


80’s vibes bought to 2021 and fitting in nicely.


A vocal I could not get tired of listening to and if I was anyone ready this go and find a ticket to a gig and check out ore music as this is an act you will want to see live because if it's possible I think this album on stage could get even better


Johnny Dutch Masters  Loni Dee Lass V -

Turn Up Burn Out


A loaded track that just never stops . You can never get bored of a song like this that of course wants to be a showcase for the talent that performs it. Everyone gets their own piece of the pie and makes sure that when they are in the spotlight they give their all.


Attitude in full!


A great representative of the genre it is part of and for future artists wanting to get in the industry this is a great way to show you how to do it.


This is not a threat but if you listen to it once then by the end you are repeating lyrics feeling good about what you just listened to and just cant stop repeat listening to it.


Also if you have friends you will want them to listen.

Ceramic - Softwood


The intro gave that sense of OK what has this got and then the vocal kicked in and obviously had that David Bowie vibe going on which as we know is never a bad name to be associated with.


One of the things I really liked about this was how to vocal was very recognisable and you knew as soon as you heard it who that was. This is great for when it is played on radio and a lot of artists strive for this!


Although I enjoyed this, I am looking to the future of this artist. I can feel there is a lot more to come and think the development of the act and the sounds will be interesting if not exciting as well.


I think collabs and uses of these tracks in certain situations will be in the future.

A poet for the future.


If you want to have an album with not knowing what comes next, ways of presenting music that is new and different with some fun and excitement then this is the album for you!


                Initial - Shelter Calm - 


Simple melodic perfection at the start.


An experiment of music ideas rolled into well thought about tracks


It becomes so hard when you make tracks without a familiar part eg Vocals but that means you have to work twice as hard to pull in the audience which I can see has been thought about when making this!


Another thing about a great album is those stand out tracks and for me if you want Drama intensity and a possible Tv background theme for the future then look no further than SQWD. What a journey into the depths of feeling.


Each track contains its own story without the use of vocals which means special all the way.


I can see festivals in the future with a set done with a mixture of track from this album done by Shelter Calm or other artists using these tracks.


A great outing here and hopefully a boost to make even more where this came from!


Fade Into You  - The Clifftones


Submerges you from the off into a musical experience that is special and for that 5.24 the only thing you can think about is the music and the story behind it all.


Brings emotion to the forefront of your mind and reflects on what you are going through at the moment.


Would have been a 90’s hit, has that vibe and sound that captivated audiences.


A great song to have on the radio in the car just driving down an open road or at home to get away from life for 5 mins.


A song that is so important to musicians in the day and age as it makes you want to search for more.


Looking forward to the future and the Evolution of this music!








Bless Parco Rodriguez - Magick Wand

A great start with the speaking vocal and then the tune comes in and it's very simple and to the point.

Clearly a person who likes to sing and it shows. It felt very raw and natural and I am sure with better equipment and production this could have done even better.

What a great tune which I can't get out of my head  and want to see the progression as I think the artist and the music could be ones to watch.

Magick Wand cast a spell on my ears!


Doc E.C. - Matters Of The Heart


Great vibe from the start!  A speaking voice that has as much passion in it as the singing voice is very rare but means you can have a great variety throughout the track. Play this as loud as you want anywhere you want and it will make you move and just feel the rhythm. Great mix of disco and Barry White vibes in one! Check it out right NOW! It made me search the internet for more tracks from Eli. 


A song to add to your playlists and a song that you will come back to over and over again. 


Vibes, style and coolness all rolled into one!


SLAY-R Be Like That!

Very simply out together and a lot of repetitive Be Like That throughout the piece which can sometimes come across as boring but this was used on purpose to build drama and that's what it delivered. We had attitude in buckets and a definite message that was put across

I want an album full of these style of tracks to cement the artist and the music style to thousands of people. 100% should be a hit !


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