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Rob Frank - Isolation

Punches you in the gut from the get go with a great tune and effective vocals. As soon as we get the Dark Angel it changes pace and gives a different dimension to this EP and is welcomed with open arms to turn it from something good to something great to listen to. Dark Angel has an ominous feel to it and emotion hits. Clear vocal means you can feel and hear every lyric. Heartfelt lyrics need a vocal who understand what the words mean and Rob really gives them substance and wants you to feel them alongside him.

Then we get to the end with ‘’Cold’’ a track that from that first note you know it will be something amazing and it delivers . A great track that stands out from a crowd of other great tracks. Recommend this simply to give this set of songs and Rob the credit they deserve.




kele fleming Twitter @tinforest -

The Song Ill Write For My Whole - Album


Life a hint of class about it from the get go, Not overpowering with the instruments and then a vocal that could smoothly slice your emotions up like a knife through butter. A joy from start to finish and almost felt like when I had finished I had been on a journey with Kele through this album. Left me feeling refreshed, slightly emotional and just happy I had the chance to listen to this! A rare time when you first listen to someone you become an instant fan but I am now one. Worth your time when you are sitting alone and want some down time or relaxing on your way home in the car. Emotional Music Magic! For me, every Shakespeare sister meets Dido. If you get the chance to hear this live I am sure a great experience is promised if it sounds anything like the album

Planet Robot - I Give You

Sounds like a complex track with many twists and turns keeping you as a listener on your toes. Very Robotic which rings true to the name of the artist and make you rock your head backwards and forwards almost instantly A few like surprise sounds in there two which makes you wonder where the track will go next and the same times keeps you listening to see when that happens. Intrigue in music is key. It actually finished very very abrupt with it just fading to silence gradually which once finished I sat there and just wanted to know where that song and the artist could go next. I felt I wanted and needed more.If that's with a longer song or an EP.I am not sure but very much would like to carry on that track maybe continue a story with the music as I feel there is more to this track. Really enjoyed it

Sophie Dorsten -  Sea Salt  @SophieDorsten


The purest of the pure voice flows through this. A small amount of attitude you can hear but with emotions that bounds its way across this track. A pure sound that puts across every lyrics with determination to please the ears and to cement in your mind Sophie’s name and what she is about. An almost unique sounding voice with a tone that melts your ears in an amazing way. I want to hear a live version of this as I think the impact would be just huge and it would show Sophie as a true solo artist that is destined for so much more in 2021. EP and album is what the fans will be wanting after this but I will wait if we can get an album with 10-12 songs of this caliber. The song is emotion,strength and pureness all in one!

Hipster Pug Neon Noir

I think I am not alone when I say my exposure to music without vocals is normally limited to the odd act and TV film and theatre soundtracks but after taking in this album I now have a knew appreciation for these dramatic seemingly well thought out pieces of music that tell a heartfelt dramatized and gripping story . This never and will never need vocals added and is the most complicated type of music to get right because usually the vocal is there to tell the story and the music provides the background. Hipster pug here have gone in at the deep end and come out swimming . A fantastic outing this album is having and needs to be listened to by every fan of this genre and beyond. This could propel them further and build a fan base leading into the future. Look forward to many more single in 2021!


That’s you angel - Thats Your Angel

Dramatic Haunting almost in its presence in our ears. Emotional in every sense brings in a new emotion with every note. Then the vocal hits adding another dimension to this already complex sound.


A story being told through your ears.Effects and style being shown here.


You leave the EP with more questions than answers but a sense that you have listened to something that together creates an entire story or an entire piece of music as a whole.


I look forward to maybe another one of these where another story will be told .There seems such time and effort put into this and we are left with something that just fills you with comfort unknowing and joy to listen to.

Metallicity Lullaby

Intense start with a very down to earth feel to it and a very rough tone.Vocal that is almost haunting in its sound. Adds so much to a great backing track. Almost has that intense David Bowie vibe at times.Then you fall into a sweet little ending that ends well so that it instantly made me want to search for more music from this act. What a great song and let this evolve into much more and take them all over the world showing what they have to offer and offering their tracks and vocals to much more.

The Subtheory -  Impact EP

The start of it reminds of the 80's and the video games you would actually go to an arcade to play. If anyone played a Sega game called Streets Of Rage you will know if they ever remake it send this track to them right away. Absolutely love it takes be back and is almost nostalgic.

A level of intensity and made me want to move around to the music which is the sign of something good. Simple rhythms turned into mystical dramatic beats and a tune which had me involved from the start.

BerkhouseSnyder's -  Electronic Obscurities

Feel good from the start after just the first minute of the first track I was dancing all over the place. Normally a repetitive nature to music can sometimes takeaway from things but subtle little changes makes it a little more complex. Bringing you a mini nightclub atmosphere to your ears which in the current times could literally be your way of having a solo night out in doors.What a way to bring a weekend in.

2 Dub -  Welcome to my World.


For starters when you begin with a melodic piece with an intense message in the forefront of it you know there is an artist that has intensity and drive and you hope that will translate into a great offering. 

Messages and an artist that you can tell has stories and lyrics for days.Something that you will listen to and the words ring true and there will be something in there for everyone that touches you and you understand.

Very true and pure . I would like to see way more of this and surely as the songs come and go and with tonnes of experience and new influences this music will only go up from here. What a solid offering that I believe if this is your genre of music you will need on a playlist.

Rick Figueroa - Don't Look Back

Creatures of the Night - Mostly Matt

The Dance - The Golden Hour