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Ben Hemming  ‘Darkness Before Dawn’

Got the Nirvana vibes about it which can never be a bad thing.

A relaxing experience of edgy sounding tracks.


Strong vocal outing here which controls each track and drives the listener close to a perfect listening experience,

When this album is released on the live music scene.You will want a ticket like me and you will want the experience .


A great sounding album that was made for casual listening ,the car,live gigs and festivals.

If Ben Hemming was not on your radar before then welcome,where have you been. 

Artist that could have his best year in the next 12 months starting with this album.


Scout - Everything Will Make Sense

You can tell when listening to a group of songs by an artist if they are comfortable with what they sing and if they have found their path/sound. 


Scout certainly has and shows here a masterclass on how having the confidence in your music,singing the songs with the emotion they need and even having the order the songs perfect .


Gemini baby just finishes an EP with so many highlights,more than an average salon might have.


I really want this to get the playtime it deserves and then Festivals galore are in your future and I will be the first to want a ticket.



unnamed (6).jpg



Fast paced dominant vocal sound that will never grow old in your ears.


You think the passion and dominance of the tracks are going to continue the brilliance of an already great album and then the diamond in the rough paced tracks which is My Love. 


For me it is like Still loving You by Scorpions mixed with Eurovision song on a west end stage. 


What a track and it needs to get recognition by possibly appearing in a play and getting played on every station  .


Second half of the album then makes the great even more amazing. The calibre of songs get better and better finished the way it feels like it should.


Live performances of this album and again going back to My Love could be seen as the show to watch if you played this album front to back every night.



Bayside -

There are worse things than being alive

All I can say before I even start is if you can get a ticket to a Bayside gig then get it now. I need to see them after this. They should have just booked there ticket to huge festivals and gigs at big venues on this.


Not since Welcome to the Black Parade have I seen a set of tracks put together that are mainly all hits and fit so well like a rock glove. A band who 100% know who they are and what there sound is and are giving all listeners from fans of their to new listeners the very best of what they have.


The very best acts from music history have their album that is the best of their work. This is Baysides. This will open the ears of people who have never heard of them and make them listen.


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