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Sarah Rae - Crimson Rose

A calming but authoritative outing here for this talented singer. Showing her strengths in effective powerful melodies that capture your soul and your ear space to bring you emotion and keep you fixated throughout. Crimson Rose is a versatile song that I can see as anything from background music to events in your life and then I can see it as the soundtrack in a movie. 


Sarah Rae really has a talent and knows her craft enough to make sure that this track is everything that is good about her and her music.


After listening to this the urge to find more music,social media to keep you updated on her music or look for tickets to see this performed live are greater than even I expected.


I would love to see lots more music in the future and collabs seeing her silky smooth voice used to enhance hit songs music like Dido did for Eminem












Bless Parco Rodriguez - Magick Wand

A great start with the speaking vocal and then the tune comes in and it's very simple and to the point.

Clearly a person who likes to sing and it shows. It felt very raw and natural and I am sure with better equipment and production this could have done even better.

What a great tune which I can't get out of my head  and want to see the progression as I think the artist and the music could be ones to watch.

Magick Wand cast a spell on my ears!


Doc E.C. - Matters Of The Heart


Great vibe from the start!  A speaking voice that has as much passion in it as the singing voice is very rare but means you can have a great variety throughout the track. Play this as loud as you want anywhere you want and it will make you move and just feel the rhythm. Great mix of disco and Barry White vibes in one! Check it out right NOW! It made me search the internet for more tracks from Eli. 


A song to add to your playlists and a song that you will come back to over and over again. 


Vibes, style and coolness all rolled into one!


SLAY-R Be Like That!

Very simply out together and a lot of repetitive Be Like That throughout the piece which can sometimes come across as boring but this was used on purpose to build drama and that's what it delivered. We had attitude in buckets and a definite message that was put across

I want an album full of these style of tracks to cement the artist and the music style to thousands of people. 100% should be a hit !


‘Eight Ways It Ends’ - Kiffie 

Seeing the evolution of an artist and one that will do anything to improve themselves is something that is special and needs to be done more. Kiffie throughout this shows his skills and determination to make the very best tracks possible whilst showing an intensity in his tracks that shows his drive. I know in the future we will see much more and am very excited and interested after hearing this album. If you want to know what hard work,determination and a willingness to experiment with music can get you then look no further than this album. This sort of offering needs the recognition it deserves so we can get this almost scientific mind to keep experimenting and finding the perfect tracks. Look out for the next offering because I will be waiting .



Joshua Lloyd  You don't love me


You don't love me is the latest in a long line of amazing singles from the super talented Joshua Lloyd. While hitting home on the harsh reality of a relationship that's run its course this song still manages to be a great pick me up! with its super catchy chorus it will be stuck in your head for a long time to come so if it's driving along in the car with the windows down or at home with your hair brush mic in hand. This song is a must have for anyone's playlist this spring.



Rick Figueroa - Dont Look Back!

An instant hit of vocal takes over your ears straight away and sometimes can be too much but this is just the right punch the song needs with almost an intense melodic sweetness to it. It seems to have the right vocals and the just the right amount of instruments in the places it needs.I have to say that you can usually hear one song and instantly have a full opinion on an artist but this is an advertisement of an artist who is desperately needing to be listened to and when we get back to normal and this is played live I will hope this gets Rick the recognition he deserves and if this is played live it will be all he has left on the stage. A passionate track that now requires an album as soon as possible to build on this amazing success of a track. Look out for more soon!




Corina Barta - Vibrant Heart Beats: Prisma Project (Remix) - EP


A great sound that gives you a festival vibe in your own home. If you want to dance, belly dance or just get a happy creative vibe going in your own living room then this is your thing. A fantastic mature sound of various instruments and a vocal that moulds into the music like a knife through butter. Every song is a dream for dancers or people who are really into this genre of music. Try not to move around to this. Its impossible.

Oortsize - Heatwave

Starting to bop my head from the start which shows the great arrangement set up for this.I instantly in my head had the idea of playing this in an open top car down the beach and then continued to surprise and astound me throughout.If anyone ever thought that a great track has to have a vocal then take a look and for all artists wanting to make music like this what a great song to start listening to. Thought it finished to early and would like to see from a new track maybe a few more risks taken with sounds that are out into the track but its a great start to my listening experience of Oortsize and can't wait for many more of these to come! EP with this on is needed to show more string to the bow of this fresh artist!

Crossover - In Christ I Stand

Instantly when you get a song with a female vocal you want conviction and intensity in a song like this and most of the time the singer falls short and 100% not in this case delivers every lyric like her life depends on it. Totally cant see that all involved are passionate and confident with the music they perform. Then when you think that was great then hits the instrumentals throughout and WOW! Have to listen again to appreciate the music and its a must listen for all of you who like a rock song with a message behind it.This collection of songs is all of this and sometimes you can hear an experience and a need a succeed! Please listen to these tracks for yourself to appreciate it and understand that my words are fact and not just words


Himisphere - John Wick

Sometimes simple and done well is more impactful then complicated beats and tunes. This has a title that is said throughout and has conviction and really puts a point across in an effective way that 1 makes you want to listen more and more 2 you are still singing the song after listening to it and 3 gets you invested in an act which if you haven't heard of them before this song invites you to take an interest and find out more!

An album full of this and I would be happy and then see how the music would evolve over 10 to 12 songs


Claire Bradshaw - Cairo EP Review

You can tell straight away that Claire understands what her genre is and the style of songs she wants to make.That focus and obvious drive come out in this offering.

A vocal that someone mixes attitude sass and almost a calming influence.

An EP's job is to get you ready for an album and its almost an advertisement before the main event.

What an ad and it gets me excited for more music.

Wish I had it NOW!


Nick Duane Remake Remix EP


Taking a track that is obviously well put together and thought about with a real sounding vocal is something you rarely see due to wanting exact perfection from a sound. But sometimes you want to hear the real sound and then especially when it comes to gigs you know what you can expect. This is so real and feel authentic and has a 60's vibe about it. Great show from Nick and think that this EP is a great advert for what he can do.



Pop Wallace - Good Boy

Vibes is the word to describe all of this album. From start to finish it has that melodic calming feeling to it with a toned vocal that fits like a glove to the music. Great music to have in a variety of settings that has almost a 90's r n b vibe to it. So we have an album that from start to finish is solid tunes with a great vibe that you could really play at anytime with a vocal that moulds into the songs so well. Has to be something to give a go and just melt into it. Look forward to the future as I can imagine if there the ability to build on this and even improve we could see something beyond special here. Watch this space



Rob Frank - Isolation

Punches you in the gut from the get go with a great tune and effective vocals. As soon as we get the Dark Angel it changes pace and gives a different dimension to this EP and is welcomed with open arms to turn it from something good to something great to listen to. Dark Angel has an ominous feel to it and emotion hits. Clear vocal means you can feel and hear every lyric. Heartfelt lyrics need a vocal who understand what the words mean and Rob really gives them substance and wants you to feel them alongside him.

Then we get to the end with ‘’Cold’’ a track that from that first note you know it will be something amazing and it delivers . A great track that stands out from a crowd of other great tracks. Recommend this simply to give this set of songs and Rob the credit they deserve.




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