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Joshua Lloyd Interview


EMM interview 2022



Were you good at music at school did you study music and how did you decide a career in music was for you?


I was okay at school. I started writing my own songs very early even before I decided to ever record them I was writing. 

I was okay with the music side of things in class but I was also never really in any class to long. Class clown me lol


What have you been up to in the last year with your music?


Working on my album. Its sounding solid. Few tracks to go then its ready. 


What makes your music stand out from other acts. Can you tell us 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?


Im very intuitive when it comes to writing. I can write 1 line and know where the songs gonna end up before I really even think about it. So from there its a case of tempo then music.

I feel im different for a variety of reasons truthfully. My entire life ive never been able to do anything other than music. I am sorely here to do it . 

3 things let me see… 1) I am obsessed with learning new things in music. I always like to try new stuff I cant stagnate. 2) I am very very big on mental health and will help anyone I can. And 3) I like to record in the nude.. nah just kidding fully clothed for me ima bit boring lol 


If there are people who have never heard of you what song or clip would you send them and where can they find you on social media?


I would send them white lies as I feel it embodies the energy I live by. I do everything ten to the dozen as my mum would say. And insta and twitter is @realjoshualloyd 


Tell us what you currently have out music wise and any gigs merch etc you have coming up?


I currently have an EP out “sick when I wake up” I dropped a little while back. And also have a few “Heartless” tees left for sale. If anyone wants one DM me. 


Who are your inspiration in life and in music. Also who are your biggest supporters with your music?


My parents for sure. They always inspire me to do better and be better. In music the obvious ones like blink and anyone scene wise really old and new.


Have you ever written a song dedicated to a person thing or place if so tell us about it if not who or what would you choose?


Where are your favourite gig venues and festivals on your bucket list.What is your best memory at gig as a music artist and as a fan?


I would love to do the electric ballroom. I love Camden and London so any venues around the city really the 02 islington would be great I saw lots of people there so have good memories there. i love to play anywhere to a sold out crowd singing my songs back to me. Its the best feeling in the world. 


What moments in your life have lead you to where you are today? 


All of them. I am very much sculpted by everything I went through in my past but im finally liking the person ive become and am truly happy. I have good and bad days but im good for right now at least.


What is your opinion on social media and what is your favorite one to use?


TBH I dont really like it. It has its ups but truthfully its so so toxic and causes so many people so much stress. Its a great promotional tool though. 


What is your favourite food drink and place to be, also what do you like to do in your downtime?


Favourite food and drink is easy nice juicy steak with chips mushy peas and a pint.  My downtime? I love to game and read fantasy books.


What has the next year got in store for you?


So so much. Not revealing anything right now other than the album is coming. Wait on it its the best work Ive ever done. 

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