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Sandi Thom


When did you decide that a career in music was for you and how did you get your first break into the industry?

I think probably from a very early age,maybe even like 6 or 7 years old.Because I was surrounded by musicians,my dad,my auntie, my uncle ,my other auntie and I always loved to sing so it was kind of destiny for me that i would become a musician, actually id say probably the first big break i had was when i was in university,when i was in Liverpool and i was introduced to a songwriter who basically got me into the writing circles in London and that was where i became known for writing pop melodies and I started working with writers. Thats pretty much what started me off in the industry. I got publishing deals. I really got started out as a songwriter more than anything else so….. Id have been like 21 I guess


Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

Ummm I have lived away from the Uk for most of my life i've lived in malibu california,lived in los angeles ,i've lived in the middle east.Ive pretty much been away for yeah about the last 15 years

I have two tattoos, maybe people don't know that,both of my tattoos appear on the backs of the latest,the logos appear on the cd covers.One is for my bands label guardian angel the other one is a cat that appeared on my first couple of albums i doubt people would know that, Lastly ummm I have a massive passion for animal rescue and I have rehomed 500 plus dogs so those are thing people probably don't know about me .

If you could go back in time and say something to yourself when you first started your music career what would you say and why?

What would I say and why? I would probably tell myself Id probably say follow your own vision , dont let other people try and live their vision out through you, Why? Because i think when your an artist and your young i think your easily manipulated,cause you dont really know your sound and you havent identified that yet so you can be coursed and taken into a direction that maybe isnt your authentic sound,which I think I have been over the years at times. So if id have to say anything to myself ‘Stay true to your vision’

How do you feel if people call you a one hit wonder?

Well first of all id say its one more hit than theyve had and second of all id say ‘its better to have had one than none. Lastly id say I dont see that song as necessarily the best thing I have ever written,and it really depends. I have had 6 or 7 albums that I have done and been more proud of than i was of PunkRocker ,so id say just be proud of what you HAVE accomplished as opposed to what you haven't. I say this particularly to the UK media, they could try and be a bit more positive rather than just try and break people down.Try and celebrate what people have actually accomplished,rather than pointing out what they haven't. I think that's a really negative place to be.So id prefer to appreciate and celebrate what ive actually done,which is far more than releasing that one song.

Can you tell us as much as you can about any new music or gigs you have coming up?


Yes I am on the cusp of releasing a song called  revolution anthem (festival of the ) was a  phrase originally coined by Lennon the russian revolutionary in 1917 and then was later portrayed by jermaine greier and its a song reflective of all of the countries problems not just that but the world at large.Where all of the geopolitical situations of the last five or even ten years brexit the government we are currently under, the tory government  the failed 14 days of prime minister ,the accounamy,donald trump,Netanyahu , gaza genocide .Every single thing on the end of our lips is in this song. And its a song for the people ,about the people, by the people and tomorrow im about to shoot a video for it and the other thing about it is is that it probably wont get played on any radio because no one will want to promote this because its the truth but im releasing it as a NFT my first one which sold old in just 24 hrs. I made more money in 24hrs by selling 100 copies than i would've through spoitfy. So this is a revolutionary platform for musicians that everyone needs to take advantage of because the income you could make here  is exponentially better than main stream music platforms . So we are releasing a song about revolution ina revolutionary place  because its revolutionising the music industry.and thats happening 15th of march  the world wide release is the 22nd March

When you have finished your music career ,how would you like yourself and your music to be remembered?

I think would like to be remembered as a trailblazer, of somebody that was a pioneer of the digital streaming,the introduction of streaming,a digital revolution somebody that was a rebel with a cause. When im performing im  always doing it from an authentic place, from the heart  with good intentions . its not you know cookie cutter pop its real stuff .Its about real life ,its nostalgic heartfelt ,soulful and hopefully people  will know its unique to me.

Tell me a story from backstage or after a gig?

Um I could tell you lots of stories. Oh ok heres a cool story.My dad is a helicopter pilot,hes retired. Captain Tom and years ago my band and we had been in the US promoting and touring. We were due to play a festival in the Aukney Islands and the weather was atrocious so it was cancelled .We were in aberdeen airport.The most northerly airport on the mainlands where you can get to orkney . So my dad used the fly helicopters out of Aberdeen Airportso we called up the company that he worked for and we asked if we could have my dad fly us in the helicopter instead and they agreed so the flight was cancelled because of the weatherbut we in true rock and roll style we appeared in a helicopter with my father flying it and landed on the festival site so it was possibly one of the most rock and roll moments that you could ever have done but it wasnt intentional. Its one of many cool stories you know fun things that have happened 

What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

Makes me happy? Seeing my son happy. giggling, laughing that makes me happy.Seeing my dog happy ,that makes me happy. Sun makes me happy,the sea makes me happy, playing the panio makes me happy, playing guitar makes me happy, doing things for other people rescuing animals,all of that makes me happy. What Annoy me?Abuse of power, injustice ,opression, animal abuse. Any kind of  apoxrosi bureaucracy ,lying annoys me.Basically those are the things that annoy me more than anything.I dont really get annoyed by much else.Those thing…Anything that is an abuse of your power and a disrespect to nature and mankind, fundamentally annoys me to my core and coat hangers,coat hangers really annoy me

How would you answer the question Who is Sandi Thom?

A Scottish celtic, singer songwriter with a brave heart and wild spirit. A no-mad, A traveller, A mother, A dog mom, an m path and an outlaw and im really small as well .Green eyes very rare

What was the first record or song you purchased and why?

Kylie mynogue locomtion on vinyl

If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?

Jonie mitchell case of you or  landslide by  fleetwood mack, all in love is fair by  Stevie Wonder.

If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?

If I wrote a book about myself ? Everything but the kitchen sink

What has the rest of the year got in store for you?

So obviously release of revolution next month, that part of an EP, potentially could be an album called war paint. We will soon be releasing the title track War Paint also.And I would imagine that the EP or the Lp however many tracks we can get together, will be out in the Autumn.And a few festivals over the summer. Dates in the Uk and potentially a week's worth of dates in Australia.And also many more NFT drops to come.

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