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When did you decide that a career in music was for you?

(When I heard my first rock song on the radio when I was 9 years old)


Who are your musical inspirations and why?(I was inspired lyrically by John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison.)


Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

(1. I am very humble. 2. I am very conservative in all my values. 3. I am a jet skii jedi master.)


What song of yours best describes you and why?

(All my songs describe how I think and feel about all kinds of different subjects. I detest war so 'War Machine' from the new EP 'Sip The Cup' describes my thoughts and feelings well.)


What has been the best gig you have done to date and why?

(Fort Smith, Arkansas on the tour last August with Buckcherry. The crowd was going insane before we took the stage. It was the most amazing show ever for us!)


If you could perform a gig at any venue where would it be and why?

(My bucket list venue would be Staples Center in Los Angeles. I have seen some major acts perform there and my dream is to play there too.)


What has been your best achievement to date and what would you like to achieve in the future?

(Touring with both Alice Cooper and Slash. Playing the Super Bowl Village show in 2012. I would like to achieve reaching headline status and tour the world)


Tell me a story from backstage or after a gig?

(We were on tour in Europe and playing Berlin, Germany. A stalker girl I had blocked on all social media somehow slipped backstage and when i was coming down the stairs from the stage after our set, she dove on me and took me to the floor. It was really crazy and pissed me off beyond words. Luckily, security got her off of me quickly.)


What do you like best about being a musician and why?

(Playing live because there is nothing like that experience of the powerful music going out and the fan reactions coming back. I guess that is why Mick Jagger stiill tours at 80. He certainly does not need the money) 


If you were not in the job you are now what would you be doing?

(I also produce documentary fiilms for streaming television. So I am already doing another job I love besides music)


What has been the best gig you have been too as a fan and can you tell us about it?

(I have seen some of the best bands ever live. I think it is a tie between Aerosmith and Jethro Tull)


What would your ideal festival line up be and why?

(Aersosmith, The Rolling Stones, Bush, Alice in Chains, The Black Angels and Led Zeppelin. And because those are my favorite bands)


What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

(From my father who told me when i was kid to do what you love and the money will come)


What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

(Happiness comes from within by liking who we are and I have that. What annoys me is being confused with Howard Stern frequently)


What things do you like to do when you are away from music?

(I like going to comedy shows, fly fishing rivers in beautiful areas, and jet skiing)


Do you think social media and the internet are a good thing in the music industry?

(They are essential in this world today where few buy rock music. It allows building a very loyal fan base and the ability to connect with fans in a way that did not exist before.)


How important do you think your look and image is when it comes to being in the music industry?

( My look and image is very important. Fans notice these things big time. I feel obligated to keep myself in great shape, no fat rock stars)


Can you tell us about any tattoos you have and the significance of them to you?

(I have 4 tattoos in different languages with sayings that have important meanings to me)


If you run the country for a day what would you change about it and why?

(That crosses into politcal views and I leave that to my songs.)


What would your ideal day consist of?

(Floating down the Klamath River near Mount Shasta fly fishing for Steelhead Trout)


If you could say one thing to your fans what would it be and why?

(I would thank them by telling them that without them, there is no rock n roll)


How would you answer the question Who are Venrez and what are the differences between you as a music artist and you away from music ?

(Venrez is me although an alter ego of myself on stage, in the recordings, and the lyrics I write. Away from music, I am all of who I am as a person sans the Venrez alter ego guy. A family man who is a humanitarian and likes to help people with things I did not have anyone to help me with)


What was the first record or song you purchased and why?

(That would be Abbey Road by the Beatles because I was very young at that time and that band and record I felt were masterpieces of rock music.)


What would say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and getting into the music industry?

(Go for it, ignore negative criticism and give it your best shot. If you believe, everything is possible. I am proof of it.)


If you could collaborate with any other band/singer or musician who would you choose and why?

(It would be Steven Tyler because I think he is the best singer on earth in rock right now. I would love to write a song with him and I would love to sing one of his with him on stage with Aerosmith)


If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?

(I already did. I wrote the song 'Vultures' off our indie release LP 'American Illusion' after I saw the film 300. The song is about that ancient battle between Sparta and Persia)


What things make you uncomfortable?

(People who over compliment, drama, liars, and being confused with Howard Stern)


If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?

(I am too humble to write a book about myself although if I did, it would have all the lessons I have learned over my lifetime that would help other people when they read it.)


What has the rest of the year got in store for you?

(Releasing the second single to radio and touring as much as possible behind the new EP 'Sip The Cup' after the label drops the EP)

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